Asset Disposal

eWastec can assist you with asset disposal, assets that are at end of life and need to be disposed of in an ethical manner. Avoid end of life products being recirculated on the second hand market.

Asset Disposal

Ewaste asset disposal services (asset management)

Asset Disposal

eWastec service corporate clients that need to dispose of electronic assets that need to be processed as e waste. Often, damaged, faulty or end of life products need to be disposed of to avoid the possibility of these assets being re-sold on the second hand market. This can damage the reputation of a business when products, not fit for purpose, are recirculated against the wishes of the company. We are conscious of the need to protect your highly sensitive information and asset disposal needs and offer a certified destruction service.

This service is vital for simple electronic products through to data retaining products with information storage. We ensure we protect the privacy of your product disposal by destroying the hardware (if required) as we process the ewaste material we receive from you. Certified destruction is vital if your business is disposing of sensitive information such as financial records or customer contact information. Even if you have deleted the data, having certification will give you peace of mind that it cannot be recovered.

If you have specific requirements relating to certified destruction (such as the need for a certificate of destruction, recycling reports, scanning of assets or data wiping) please contact us.

Ewastec are the asset disposal experts!

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Ewastec Asset Disposal (Asset Management)

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eWastec provide collection services to all corporate businesses, schools, councils and government owned facilities.

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Do you have a confidential recycling project that requires sensitivity in handling the entire process from collection to destruction and recycling?


eWastec have been working with the National Television and Computer Recycling Service since its beginning


Here are some of our frequently asked questions. They might answer your question too!

What is ewaste?

Ewaste (electronic waste or e waste) is any form of electronic product that is no longer fit for use as per its manufactured intent and requires disposal. It is any electrical product that you can plug in or use with batteries.

Why is it so important to recycle ewaste?

Ewaste contains a number of toxic substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury and phosphors which, if sent to landfill, can have a devastating effect on the local environment. Furthermore, many of the materials required for the manufacture of new electronic products require mining of our natural resources if recycled raw materials are not available.

How much will it cost me to recycle my ewaste?

eWastec can offer a free recycling service for all scheme eWaste (NTCRS), however, there may be a cost involved for collecting the eWaste you have dependant on the volume and location of your eWaste. For all non scheme ewaste (e.g. Household appliances) contact eWastec for a quote.

How can eWastec recycle my ewaste for free?

Ewastec are part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) which requires manufacturers and importers of Televisions and Computers to essentially fund recycling businesses within the scheme by meeting set targets specified by the government. Ie by 2026-27 these manufacturers (known as liable parties) must prove that 80% of the volume they manufacture or import is recycled.

Where will my ewaste end up?

eWastec are committed to achieving a 95% recovery rate for all eWaste that enters our site meaning 95% of what you send to us will be recycled ethically and legally by our recycling partners into raw materials that can then be used in the manufacture of new products.

What happens to my private information on my computer?

If you haven’t already erased the data from your hard drive or other data containing hardware eWastec can do this for you either as complete destruction of the hardware or as a data wipe

What happens to the plastic?
All ABS/PC plastic used is baled and recycled into pellets to be re used in new plastic products

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